Equinox: Harbinger


Original mixed media painting, watercolor, gouache, on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper: decorative black wooden frame: Framed size: 17 x 21" Image size: 11 x 14"

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This work was created for a group exhibition in 2020 at the Ninth Wave Studios, Kalamazoo, MI, September 8 - November 21, 2020. The exhibition was curated by artists Maryellen Hains and Anna Z ILL who asked artists to create mixed media artwork that considered the topic of the Equinox by reflecting on balance, planetary movement and/or biological and emotional equilibrium. Here's my statement on the work:

The Equinox is that instant in time when the Sun is directly over the equator, causing day and night to be roughly equal. It is the tipping point between summer and fall, winter and spring, a natural time of change on Earth. Equivalent to being at the top of the Ferris wheel or the bottom of the barrel; it is the moment between, moving neither up nor down, frozen in transition.

The Covid-19 pandemic laid bare the inequality and instability of our economy, and then before our very eyes a white police officer slowly murdered a black man in Minneapolis. For many, having spent months in isolation with lots of time to think, the brutality of that act finally and forever broke through the shiny façade that blunted their awareness of the white supremacy that pervades our society.

A massive coronavirus hangs over an apocalyptic landscape, a harbinger of the change that is upon us. The Equinox divides the landscape light to dark, while the coronavirus reflects the opposite, dark to light, representing the chaotic disruption that we are experiencing as we live through that moment between. May peace be with us.


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