Wheel of Fortunate Series: Ferris Bueller


Original mixed media painting: acrylic, graphite, clear gesso, acrylic spray on canvas: unframed: 8 x 8"

This painting is part of the series "Wheel of Fortunate" exploring the concept of fortune or luck with respect to where and to whom we are born into this world. The series of 25 paintings features potential birth circumstances from mansions and suburbia to jail and homelessness. Most of the works are "Easter eggs" or tropes from popular culture, representing famous TV and movie locations or actual places in the United States. Half are 10x10 and half are 8x8, so please take note of the size when ordering. Check out my Instagram @mindibagnall for more images and information about the series.

Limited Edition prints are available, 8 x 8" on archival paper, $25 each. Message me if you want to purchase one.

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